An English Wedding in Italian Way

An English Wedding in Italian Way


Katy and Dan, a wonderful, charming, British couple with a great big family like Italians.

They got here with their parents, grandparents, relatives and friends, friends not as guests but as part of the family.
Each of them was special, smiley and excited, and they knew how to capture the real spirit of the Chianti with passion and by sharing.


Working all together and taking care one of another, the event grew up everyday enriching itself with details, little particularities and thousands of emotions which turned to laughters, happiness and spontaneity.


IMG_0834 DETTAGLI IMG_0833 IMG_0832 IMG_0831

Kate and Dan’s wedding has been spontaneous, genuine and simple. But not that common simplicity. That simplicity was authentic and sincere, exactly the way all of them were.


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