The Restaurant


There are ancient sayings about food and wine but we think our sayings are truer to our heart. (These are translated from Italian so they do not rhyme or have the same play on words though so bare with us)

He who eats well goes far
Chi mangia sano, va lontano
Water is not good for you but wine makes you sing!
L’acqua fa male, il vino fa CANTARE!
If you care about yourself, eat well
Se ti vuoi bene, mangia bene
To make a friend all you need is a glass of wine, to preserve the friendship, more than a barrel
Per farsi un amico basta un bicchiere di vino, per conservarlo, non basta una botte
At the table we do not age
A tavola non si invecchia



Our entire production is in organic conversion.
We adhere to the philosophy of Filiera Corta a Tavola (0 km), and many of the products used are organic.