Località Corsignano
53019 Castelnuovo Berardenga
Siena – Italia


Tel.: +39 0577 322545

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  • GLI SPOSI was born in 2009.
    The vineyard was planted in 2003 and the first vine rooted on VII June MMIII, Mario and Elena’s wedding day.

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  • L’IMPERATORE was born in 2002 and it wants to be a wine for important moments.
    Its charisma is well expressed by the tarot card by Mario Gambedotti which symbolizes authority, power and firmness.

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  • L’IMPERATRICE was born in 2014 with the wish to exalt the elegance and strength of Sangiovese vine in its purity. The choice of the tarot card reflects the personality of the wine.
    The Empress indicates stability, strength, and protection symbolized by the throne, the scepter and the shield.

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  • LA COPPIA was born in 2001.
    This wine expresses the conviviality of Sangiovese, its ability to enhance food, joyful spirit and lightheartedness. Mario Gambedotti’s xylography on the label illustrates well its character.

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  • LA FAMIGLIA was born in 2004 with a fresh and jovial Sangiovese well represented by Eugenio Comencini in this polychromy that illustrates a large family as was typical of the Tuscan countryside.

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  • LA LUNA was born in June 2019.
    Fattoria di Corsignano had the wish to discover an old, unusual and autochthonous vine which has been partially left aside because of its delicacy. LA LUNA is a tribute to the feminine world which is a seductive and mysterious one.

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