Località Corsignano
53019 Castelnuovo Berardenga
Siena – Italia


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Organic Winery

“Fattoria di Corsignano has been certified organic since 2014”

Our choice to produce in a sustainable way, on a human scale, respectful of soils and consumers, has led us over the years to combine the knowledge of the winemakers of the past with the main practices of organic agriculture and the most modern techniques of agronomic soil regeneration and defense of the vine.
We combine the cultivation of vines and olive trees with a synergistic vegetable garden, from which we obtain the raw materials for the estate Restaurant.
The property is certified Eco-Friendly and Carbon-free. All the energy used is produced by a photovoltaic system and our guests are sensitized to avoid wasting water, electricity, detergents and food during their stay at the farm.


“A unique terroir, we feel we belong”

The property has an extension of 22 hectares which include woods, vineyards and olive groves, of which about 7 are dedicated to the production of wine.
The vineyards are located at an average of 420 meters. above sea level, facing south, south-west and enjoying an exceptional microclimate that favors the wine production. The soil is rich in clay and galestro and its exposure to light is reflected in the wines that are inviting, full and soft to the palate.
Fattoria di Corsignano perseveres in the search for quality: the main objective is to maintain constant soil regeneration over time according to a natural and self-sustainable method, using organic fertilization and green manure. It is an agronomic technique based on the autumn sowing of legumes and grasses which are not harvested in Spring but processed on the field.
Since 2014, the property has been testing resistance inductors derived from seaweed to strengthen and improve the defenses of the vine and reducing the use of copper and sulfur allowed by organic certification.
To cope with climate change and combat desertification, the company adopts the systematic use of mulches on alternate rows and organic fertilizers.
The harvest of the grapes is exclusively manual and the selection of the best bunches takes place in the vineyard.


“Attention to detail and respect for grapes”

The cellar represents the place to work the harvested grapes respecting and interpreting a terroir.
Our oenological philosophy starts from a strong artisan connotation and from the will to guarantee the maximum expression of Sangiovese, the grape protagonist of our vines.
For the production of Chianti Classico wines we only use autochthonous grapes such as Sangiovese, Malvasia Nera and Canaiolo, as per tradition.
The careful choice of the best grapes and the reasoned oenological decisions give life to a complex and refined wine, the result of small artisan production.
Vinification takes place in concrete vats which are integral parts of our cellar since the very beginning. Over time we have added stainless steel tanks and an integrated temperature control system to obtain optimal fermentation.
The grapes of each vineyard are harvested by hand and vinified separately with attention to the percentage of sulfur. Also of great importance is the technique of replacement and delestage that allows greater stability of the finished product, together with micro-oxygenation technologies that help the delicate process of winemaking.
The wines destined to aging make a long maceration on the skins, which allows to obtain greater concentration, color, structure and tannins, and then refine in French oak barrels.
Our Sangiovese enhances its peculiar characteristics with a wooden passage, without being overwhelmed by it. For its aging we decided to use wood of different sizes, barrels of 20 and 10 hl (which give different nuances to the wine) and French tonneau of 5 hl, optimal size to enhance the product in a decisive way but respectful of the matter.

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The property has been certified Organic since 2014


We are committed to sustainable viticulture


All the energy is produced by photovoltaic panels


15 Kw produced with photovoltaic


Oil saved


In the property