Località Corsignano
53019 Castelnuovo Berardenga
Siena – Italia


Tel.: +39 0577 322545

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Hospitality: first of all!

Hospitality is a value in which we believe and warm hospitality is our rule. We asked Brenda Razon, who has worked at Fattoria di Corsignano for years and whom you will meet on arrival, to tell us about her experience.
“Here at Fattoria di Corsignano, hospitality is to make our Guests feel at home, but not just that… When we welcome our guests, first of all, we try to create a bond: we try to figure out what they like and need. In fact, we believe that what makes us special is our family atmosphere, our wines and our cuisine. We like creating harmony, lightness and thoughtlessness and these are what we would like our guests to remember of their vacation, as well as bringing with them the unforgettable experiences they enjoyed in this area.
Thinking about the time spent here in Corsignano, I like remembering some unforgettable scenes and moments: the hugs of the happy and moved wedding couple after their important event which we cared in every detail, the families that come back to Corsignano and that in 2020, just because they couldn’t come, wrote to us saying they missed us and so, they ordered wines through e-commerce to feel close to us somehow, the children we saw growing up and the families enlarging, the wedding proposals with fireworks overlooking Siena after a romantic dinner at our Restaurant, the “secret” meeting of a very important car company: they brought here some prototypes of cars. It was a great honor for us! And what about the Festa Paesana, where a group of Germans spent the day with us (all of our staffs were dressed as farmers of the past), picking olives together and tasting our wines and typical Tuscan dishes? I remember they left with red cheeks singing and laughing!
At Fattoria di Corsignano we offer hospitality combined with other pleasant and interesting proposals: from the Winery Restaurant to Wine Tastings, from Cooking Classes to picnics, massages and much more. We are by nature problem solving and always available to meet the needs and any problems our guests may have”.

But how much does the “human factor” matter?
“What can I say! I think I’ve already given the answer: the human factor is indispensable. While remaining absolutely professional, we have a friendly approach with our guests. In 2020 we met less people, but we are happy to have been able to host them following all regulations, protecting them and ourselves, and never before has the human factor played a key role. Despite the Covid, these people wanted to travel and the fact that they came back to us as soon as they could…. well, it seems to say that we are on the right track in enhancing human relationships!”.